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WELCOME   The Life Experience School is celebrating its 43rd year!   We would like to invite those interested in supporting our program to visit and see what a small group of dedicated individuals are doing to promote peace in the community and the world.

Be sure to visit our Photo Gallery.

This website is managed with the involvement of the students at LES.  Mary is our assistant webmaster and photographer (photo below) and Phil is our blogger who contributes his insights, sense of humor and unique point of view on most everything that matters to him, as well as interesting facts and birthdays.  We also will be updating our facebook which Mary will be contributing to as well.


New Brochure (download) created by Kate.

The Life Experience Program, now in its 43rd year, continues to provide individuals with learning challenges, complicated by neurological disorders or development disabilities, with opportunities to be actively involved in the community.   Whether through vocational training or altruistic involvement in the Special Peace Corps, members are actively engaged in meaningful activities that help them secure their place in society.    (Photo of visiting school group with LES group in front of the School's statue of Gandhi at the Sherborn Peace Memorials following the blessing of the animals on St. Francis' birthday, October 4, 2014.

 "You are doing an outstanding job working together to help other people. You are certainly carrying on my brother's (RFK) legacy and exemplify his ideals of community service."
                                                                                    - Senator Edward Kennedy

Community inclusion is our shared path of commitment and growth.  Individually, and as a group, we enjoy all that the community has to offer in terms of employment opportunities, learning, shopping, recreation and service.  Our vision is to instill in each member a deeper level of self-respect and confidence, a sense of importance, belonging and well-being. Members are encouraged to reach beyond their limitations and to strive to enhance the quality of the lives of those in the community, with a eye toward those less fortunate than themselves.  This is the credo of the Special Peace Corps and the essence of the Life Experience Program.

(Photo of Mary with statue of Mother Teresa before it was donated to St. Mary's Church in Dedham.)

Woodside Montessori class help put in new fence sections at LES.  

, each individual grows and learns in an atmosphere of dignity, trust and love. Our challenge as educators is to enable each individual to recognize, accept and express their value as a member of the community, while equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill their birthright to make their unique contribution both to the community and the world.

Our Activities are designed to provide supportive, individualized opportunities that draw upon each individual's strengths and interests and explore their talents and abilities within a stable, accepting, yet challenging atmosphere.


Allison the Better Shredder The Environmental Activist   Have you met her? Don’t forget Her, Let her be your better shredder!

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 Save the Trees … Recycle office paper!

Offering services in your office or you can drop off your recycling here at 16 Lavender Street, Millis,  MA.

Recycling is an area where jobs could be created. Green collar workers we call them.  And the Better Shredder is as green as  you can get!

A Sense of Community
LES and the Special Peace Corps are fortunate to have two beautiful and wonderfully accepting communities to call home.  Centrally located in a turn-of-the-century farmhouse in Millis and the Peace Abbey Memorial Park in the center of Sherborn, members are within walking distance to the commercial villages, public libraries, town administrative offices, and just a short drive to Farm Pond and the Charles River. Throughout the year members participate in service projects as well as receive vocational training at local businesses, animal shelters and restaurants. Our Programs offer nurturing and supportive environments in which individuals may discover hidden strengths and talents.

As a small, extended family day program for young adults with disabilities, we believe that our members mature more fully and reach their potential when assuming responsibilities as members of a caring, socially conscious community.  Service to others puts their life challenges in perspective and provides each member with a sense of mission throughout the day.

The basic tenet of our philosophy holds that all human beings learn best and find personal fulfillment through meaningful and positive relationships.  And that the most realistic way of evaluating an individual's learning and progress is to observe how he/she deals with decision-making and problem-solving in life.  

Peacemakers Table and Abbey Peace and Justice Library at the University of Massachusetts Boston which LES gifted to the Healey Library in 2012.

Mother Teresa's reflection
during her visit to the Life Experience School in 1988:  "My prayer is that The Life Experience School continues to prepare its students to become peacemakers in our troubled world - the true peace that comes from loving and caring and respecting the rights of everyone - my brother, my sister." 

"Some people see things as they are and say why?  I dream things that never were and say why not?"  Bobby Kennedy quoting George Bernard Shaw during 1968 Presidential Campaign  (The Life Experience School is dedicated to the memory of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.)

Thank you for your support of the Life Experience School and the Special Peace Corps.  Please plan a visit and meet the students and staff and hear about the special projects they are working on to improve the lives of others.

We would enjoy hearing from our friends, and taking questions from those who might not be familiar with LES and the work of the Special Peace Corps.

Friend us on Facebook and see what's going on here at LES. And be sure to visit our Photo Gallery page too!

*  Collectively we at The Life Experience School have been alive 806 years, which is more years lived than Hank Aaron had home runs!  -  Phil L.  School blogger